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August 22, 2011
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Two weeks had passed, and no sign of Azriel. Jen had stayed up every night extremely late, waiting for him. She had waited for him every day at the street corner, then at the library. He never showed. Now, as she sat in the attic, holding a book that she hadn't even started to read, she was sure of one thing: he had to be turning her in. That had to be it. She looked back at how stupid it had been to give away her deepest secret to someone she hadn't even known for a week.

She decided to stop waiting for him. If he had already turned her in, then police officers would be at her house any day, so there was no point in missing any sleep. As she stood up, she heard a knocking behind her. Azriel stood in the window, carrying the books in one hand and holding himself up with the other. Jen ran over and quickly unlocked the window. First, she grabbed the books out of his hand, and this time he managed not to fall flat on his face.

"I am so sorry." he whispered. "I know it took me forever to read these books."

"Yeah, I had kinda thought that you had t-" she stopped herself.


"Oh, nothing." She didn't want him to think she didn't trust him.

"Well, I tried to read these as quickly as I could. Unlike you, I can't wake myself up, so the few nights I did read them, I had to stay awake, and I could only start reading them once my parents went to bed."

"Ah. But, why didn't you come to the library? I waited for you every day."

"I figured. Again, sorry. Every day, I had to pretend to leave the house, then climb back in when I was sure my mother wouldn't hear me. I didn't want to be carrying three books like these with me when I was in daylight."

"That-that makes sense. So, what did you think?"

"Well, you know, the books made a lot of sense. It's like, all the feelings I've felt, but I could never find the right words, well, now I have those words."

"I know, that's exactly how I felt! Would you like to sit down and look at some other books?"


The two sat down, and Jen picked a random book off the nearest box. It was a mystery of some kind, she didn't notice the title. They spent the next few hours reading the book out loud. Jen noticed Azriel had a voice that resembled honey, or velvet.

Once it got to be around 3am, they stopped. " You know," Azriel said, " I can't keep coming up here. I'll get caught, or I'll fall asleep before I can leave."

"That's no problem." Jen smiled. The day after she gave him the books, she had thought through the whole plan. She had even tested it. "All I have to do is bring one or two books to the library every day in my purse." On the last day of school, every girl was given a purse. There was a reason, but Jen wasn't paying much attention. "That way, we can read every day, and you won't have to sneak over here." And Jen could have a full night's sleep for the first time in years."

"Hmm, okay, if you think that'll work. And, how about I come here at night once a week so we can choose out the books together?"

"That sounds good."

"Well...I guess I should get going..."

"Yeah. Good-bye."

....too lazy to write a description....
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